About Tesoro*

Although Tesoro means gtreasureh in Italian,
the word is often used to represent gimportant individualh, respectively.

The word gAmoreh shares similar representation in Italian, however my favorite term, Tesoro, apply in wide-range of situations regardless of gender and color.


At Tesoro, you will find collection of Italian and French antique goods that are as old as
from the 1700fs up to early 1900fs. and genuine antique linens and laces.

We believe that the beauty in antiques lies under their endless investment in appearance and value.

We hope that you can have a taste and own part of Renaissance / Italian culture.


Tesoro is owned and operated by Japanese from a neighboring city of Rome, Italy.
Please inquire us in Japanese, English, or Italian.

Thank you.


Contact us:

E-mail: info@tesoro-antique.com